IT Management Solution     






Real-time Enterprise-class IT Management Solution with affordable price


ManageEngine is the enterprise IT management software division of Zoho Corporation.  It has developed more than 20 products for real-time IT management addressing different IT areas including : 

Network Performance
•Server & Application Performance
•IT Help Desk, Desktop and Asset Management
•Active Directory and Exchange Management
•Network Security and password management
•Managed Services and unified IT Management


Today, ManageEngine serves more than 72,000 customers around the world in more than 200 countries. Its mission is to develop high-value enterprise-class IT management solution with unsurpassed business value, relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. ManageEngine 90-10 promise gives you 90% of the features of other big four’s expensive Enterprise IT management products , but only at 10% of the price





Secured Managed File Transfer 

Ipswitch MOVEit ensures secure file transfer between users, systems, customers and partners. Advanced management capabilities give you visibility and control over all data transfer activity through a single, secure system.

A flexible architecture lets you choose the optimal deployment model to fit your security and infrastructure operations needs. MOVEit's automation features are second to none and it offers guaranteed delivery and non-repudiation.

Use MOVEit when you have large secure file transfer volumes that are business critical and/or you are externally sharing sensitive data and need to assure regulatory compliance.